Do you have any space for photographs?

No. At this stage the journal is purely for recording written memories. I am currently working on a new addition to the Memoir series; Prompt cards. These are A6 cards with prompt questions to improve discussions whilst exploring keepsakes. Some examples of some keepsakes are photographs, crockery, ornaments, jewellery & artwork.

Do you have a digital version of the book?

No. The idea is to record handwritten memories in that stage in their life. Nothing will be more cherished than your loved ones handwriting recorded in the book. Some people have told me they've used the book as prompt to video record their loved ones responses.

What is the turn around time for ordering?

I have hard and soft covered books in stock with a 1 day turn around time. Then it's all up to Australia post...

Who can I gift the Memoir book to?

This Memoir doesn’t necessarily have to be grandparents. Some have told me they've given it to their siblings, mother/father-in-law, long term friends and even their children.

Do you have a version for children?

See the product, "Time Capsule for Primary & Secondary School Students"

Is there more to come in the Memoir Series?

Yes! Memoir Returned isn't far away - Record YOUR memories of your loved one and return the gift for them to read and cherish.

Prompt Cards -  Prompt questions to improve discussions whilst exploring keepsakes. Photographs, crockery, ornaments, jewellery & artwork.

Memoir; Inspired; ​Whilst going down memory lane, other memories will arise - record them in this blank journal.