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Time Capsule - Primary School Students

Time Capsule - Primary School Students

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This A4 sized Time Capsule is designed to enable students to capture valuable moments of their school years.

The idea is to fill out the Primary School Time Capsule at the completion of Primary School, followed by the Secondary School Time Capsule at the completion of Secondary.

The student is to complete both before opening them together, reading in order of date captured.

As technology advances, hand writing ceases to exist. This time capsule is to record your hand written words as well as your feelings on the day. These precious collections of captured items & memories will increase in value with time. Enjoy the process!

What's Included

1 or 2 x Time Capsule*

- Gender neutral design

- A4 Size, saddle stapled, premium paper

- 155+ Prompt questions, spread across ten sections; About you, Your interests, Family, Friends & Love, Health, Travel, School days, Current events, Career & the Future, Finale, And Beyond (Secondary Only)

The Secondary version of the Time Capsule has the same questions as the Primary version, but with an additional 4 pages of questions.

- 2 or 4 x double sided friendship cards

- 1 or 2 x Heavy duty envelope/s* to keep your Time Capsule/s and other items safe.

*Qty determined by package selected.

Age Group

Originally designed for ages 10 - 17, however many parents have introduced their younger children (ages 5-6) who have enjoyed it - only doing 3/4 questions at a time with supervision, but a fun learning opportunity.


Items that can be included in the envelope;

- Family/Friend photos

- Certificates or ribbons

- Label from your favorite snack or clothing item

- Copy/photos of Art projects

- A letter from a loved one. It is encouraged that the student receives a letter from a parent, grandparent, relative, guardian or special friend addressed to the student for them to open in the years to come.

Some suggestions you could include in the letter are;

- Life advice, quotes or suggestions

- Small things you remember about them at this time in their lives

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